Berlin is bubbling, changing, evolving revealing a whole new exciting gastronomy scene. Soliless feeds this movement. A love for beautiful things, an intimate knowledge of the French culinary world, a passion for new experiences and discoveries as well our wish to build bridges between our two countries, have inspired us to create a series of singular events in Berlin.

Les nouvelles étoiles, a book in three chapters

As we explore the new French scene through four events organised during the year, we invite chefs who have just won a Michelin star to prepare an exceptionally unique dinner.
Every event is a rare opportunity to engage with outstanding culinary artists and other food gourmets, undoubtedly the recipe to share some great and happy moments.

A 5-course meal. Priced at 135€ (plus 50€ for the wine-pairing), Champagne as welcome drink, digestif.

The talented Frederick Jagla and Iannis Ritter (both trained at the Adlon in Berlin) will be working alongside the chef. The wine-pairing will be selected by sommelier Helen Mol.

Pictures © Philippe Martineau


Restaurant Le Piaf Gourmand

//Le Piaf

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Soliless is a project thought-up by Deborah Rudetzki and Olivier Lacourt, two friends who were seeking to offer a singular and exclusive version of star-chef-level dinners. Deborah resides in Paris where she runs an event agency specialised in gastronomy, a field where she has excelled for the last 15 years. Olivier has been working his whole life with artistic events, more specifically in the music industry. He has been living in Berlin since 2015.

We are excited to hear your wishes, ideas and feedback, please feel free to write to us here !